“This was very special. I felt like a princess,” Bonnie Sibley said. Bonnie wasn’t celebrating her birthday nor did she receive a lavish gift. She had undergone a procedure to treat a potentially life-threatening aneurysm in the main artery leading to her brain less than an hour before making the above statements. So, why did […]

The September 11th tragedy that took place 11 years ago today changed many people’s lives forever. James Budny, MD, University at Buffalo neurosurgeon and Clinical Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University at Buffalo, is one of them. After the terrorist attacks occurred on that infamous day, Dr. Budny […]

The night before I had a stroke, I was taking care of my uncle, (no blood relation), who suffered a brain aneurysm rupture and who had massive strokes that rendered him paralyzed. A nurse who was also there, called my name twice and I tried to respond but I couldn’t. My head was killing, I […]

Donna Bryant describes her experience with a spine infection, which led her to UB Neurosurgery. My daughter, Janelle, had her wedding on September 3rd of last year. That night I was in pain like I never had. I couldn’t dance or walk around and or even see everyone at the wedding. After people started leaving, […]

Alan Scarrow, MD, JD, President of the Springfield Division of Mercy Clinic in Springfield, Missouri, visited the Gates Vascular Institute on August 9. Dr. Scarrow gave a lecture to several members of the UB Neurosurgery faculty and staff about where he think neurosurgery is headed in the next three to five years as influenced by […]

I am reaching out to you to thank members of UB Neurosurgery for coming to the table immediately to take care of me, saving my soon-to-be wedding from not happening. To begin, when I found out that I had a severe herniation of my L5-S1 disc, I did not know where to turn. A family […]

I’m a 60-year-old female who was diagnosed with a brainstem cavernoma in January of 2012.  I had never heard of a cavernoma, and didn’t know anyone that did outside of the medical community.  My symptoms came on quickly and included numbness on my left side and changes to my vision in my right eye. My […]